Mini Book Club: Flying Eye Books

Long before having kids, some of us had dreams of writing children’s books. A dream, like most other great ideas, that sadly never happened. However, that never stopped us from admiring other illustrators and writers work in every book shop we found ourselves in.
Recently, one of our long time favourite publishers, Flying Eye Books, very kindly gave us a sneak peek at their newest publications and we’re very happy to say thanks to the publishers keen eye for unique illustrators and quirky story tellers, these are stories that both big and small people alike will enjoy. 


Jumble Wood by Helena Covell
Out now!
Ages 3 to 5
‘The debut picture book from an exciting new illustrator is a simple story with a powerful message that teaches children about and the importance of friendship.’

A current favourite in our house, Helena Covell has most certainly captured our 1 year olds imagination with her odd wonderland of creatures in a sweet story about friendship and discovery. Unlike a lot of other books currently lining the shelves in the nursery, the busy pages and pastel colour scheme are a refreshing change in a sea of bright, in your face illustrations which is one of the many reasons this is such a lovely read. Following the main character Pod on her mission to find ‘one thing that makes her happy’, the story allows kids to follow the twists and turns of Jumble Wood and the excitement of meeting new characters to conclude with a very sweet ending.


Ping Vs Pong by Mauro Gatti
Released March
Ages 3 to 6
‘A playful and visually engaging book about the joys of sport and team playing. In the end, it’s the taking part that counts!’

If you’re an enthusiastic reader who enjoys creating a drama of voices and sounds during story time, this book is most certainly for you. Following the competitive characters, Ping and Pong, in a story about peas who were born to play Ping Pong, children will be sucked into the explosions of colour and action covering each page. They’ll delight when you spend page after page trying to recreate ‘POW’ and ‘WHACK’ noises and hopefully learn, by the end, that having friends is actually way better than being the winner.


One Day On Our Blue Planet…In The Ocean by Ella Bailey
Released April
Ages 3 to 7
‘The fourth in the series of charmingly illustrated children’s books teaching little ones about the natural world.’

There’s something terribly calming about dipping into a ‘One Day On Our Blue Planet….’ book. The illustrations and colour palate are charming but don’t fail in capturing the imagination of both adults and children alike. See it as a David Attenborough show in a book. Following a kind hearted baby dolphin, the ‘In The Ocean’ story teaches your little ones about the wonders of the big blue ocean with pages dotted with wonderful creatures and fun facts woven into the story. A bonus to point out about this book, probably useful for kids a little older, is the great use of the first two pages which are covered with the animals found throughout the book and their names. Perfect for homework without boring them to death!


All Kinds Of Planes by Carl Johanson
Released April
Ages 2+
‘This partly true, partly fictitious book from the wonderfully wacky mind of Swedish illustrator Carl Johanson is a fantastic collection of planes and other zany forms of air crafts.’

A book of planes, of very silly and surprising planes. Okay, so there is no story to this beautifully illustrated book, however there is so much to explore on each page that you could very easily – if of the inclination – to make up your own. We’re pretty sure we spotted a poo plane on one page, so anything goes when it comes to sparking your tiny person’s imagination. It’s the perfect book to create a jumping off point for further activities such as having them invent their own aircraft and maybe even add it to one of the many colourful pages already there to explore. Don’t be put off by the title if you’re not a massive fan of this kind of focused book, there’s so much room for interpretation and play if you put your mind to it!


Images thanks to Flying Eye Books & respective artists, as credited above.



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