Galentines: Ovaries Before Bovaries

Gal pals, girlfriends, sisters from different misters. We love our mates and sure, ‘Galentines’ isn’t exactly an official ‘holiday’ but what better excuse to show our friends with love them than with the gift of some really cool stuff. 

Bags & chocolate, even better…Bags of chocolate.
For years we’ve stalked the progress of US brand BAGGU. Keen on helping Mother Earth by creating fun, colourful re-useable bags. This brand have really stepped it up for Galentines Day by creating a generational Emoji bag for all your shopping needs. Our suggested us is for a couple bottles of wine, paired with this delicious chocolate trio from French sweet treat masters Le Chocolate Des Francais. Not only do they nail it with quirky, modern designs, the chocolate is a perfect balance between milky smooth and sweet.

So yeah, we’ve got a girl crush on Carrie of cool Mum brand Mère Soeur, but it’s hard to make a list of awesome gifts for all those cool lady babes in your life without including (the first) of a kick ass Mum, who’s brought us all some brilliant tongue in cheek swag over the years. A comment some dickhead of a lad made about her – and subsequently made it onto a tee –  has made it onto our list for those mates of yours who are (more than) ‘alright for a Mum’ and know it.
While we’re on the topic of being a Mum, for some of us, getting your tits out comes hand in hand with that. Not in the flasher kind of way, though we’re super some of the older generation still reckon that’s what we’re doing rather than, you know, feeding our babies…But Pot Yer Tits Away Luv have given us all a perfect excuse to get them out 24/7, with flowers in them. Made to order, these may be a bit of an IOU gift (they take 3 weeks from start to finish) but are worth the wait. Inclusive of tiny tits, saggy tits, Mum tits and rainbow tits, there are endless possibilities for all your boobie loving mates.

Let’s keep spreading the lady love with these two gems of girl power. Two more lovely lady run brands, Mutha.Hood isn’t just our favourite go to for hilarious Insta-stories (and a bad influence when it comes to shopping) but she’s also the creator of the Strong Girls Club you’ve probably seen slapped on the chests of many women and little girls running with wild, womanly abandon around the UK. If your mates would prefer to keep their empowerment subtle but still just as stylish, we recommend this lovely rose gold pin to show the love for all the wonderful women in their lives. ‘Team Love’ comes into our lives thanks to Essex Mama and Lobella Loves. In the current climate of unhappiness in the world, we thought what better gift to give than that of a little bit of love? Not only has Essex Mama made a beautifully cool pouch for all your handbag needs – we all seem to lose about a million lipsticks, sets of keys, loose change and god knows what else in our bags – but Lobella Loves is repping the brand on their fabulous online store with a lot of heart. Each sale from the website donates money to Cocoon Family Support, a charity supporting families suffering from perinatal mental health issues.

Last, but not least, two of more recently purchased treats (we admit, for ourselves) which we’ve fallen a little bit in love with. Lush has always been a firm favourite and go-to animal and vegan friendly brand for years, always helping make bath time that little bit more fun and relaxing with their ingenious bath bombs and pampering products. For Galentines, we’ve picked the ‘Sweetest Thing‘ gift box. Coming in under £15 (we know, right?!) This little box of fun includes a Think Pink bath bomb, Mini Comforter bubble bar and a tasty Bubblegum lip scrub (perfect for this time of year, when Summer seems like it may never return and cracked lips will torment us forever.) It wouldn’t be right not to finish this list of lush, lady treats without adding a bit of a ‘splurge’ item in the shape of our new favourite jewellery brand Milk Tooth LDN via Studio B (a bloody marvellous online store for all your fashion needs – seriously.) They’re under £50, so don’t think we’re setting you up for Cartier prices here either. Inspired by vintage designs, bold prints and architecture, the collection is one that you’ll find wanting more than just one pair of. We really can’t take responsibility for your bank account after this recommendation, sorry!


With all that said….. HAPPY GALENTINES DAY, BABES!






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