‘One for you, one for me’ gift list

Christmas. Here it comes with its glitter doused balls, jingling all the way. Just like our poor purses as we make a dash around the shops. Every year it’s the same, enough never feels like enough. So we rush down to our chosen department store to splash even more cash on extras, just to bulk up our self-imposed need for brownie points.

This year we’re making an active decision to shop small. Sure, we love Liberty and day dreaming about owning a five hundred pound, velvet cushion with a hand embroidered whippet on it…but we have kids. Small, snotty kids. Oh yeah, and we’re not that cash rich.  (Yet.)

So here it is, a list for art lovers, home décor enthusiasts, your small people, best pals, or just for yourself. Because Santa knows, after all this shopping, you deserve a treat and a large glass of mulled wine… 

L–R: Luna On The Moon Clutch £25 | Colorphobe Coin Purse £12 | Kitty McCall Wash Bag from £28

Let’s start off colourful, shall we? Bags. We admittedly own far too many and justify it by giving them different jobs. The ‘coin purse’, the ‘going out out’ bag, the one we hoard ‘make up we never use’ bag, the ‘one we keep the nappies together inside the actual baby bag’ bag, the ‘one to hide the tampons in’ bag… the list goes on. So here’s a few more to tempt you, for you or your mates to keep more ‘stuff’ in.


L–R: Luna and Curious Pom Pom Sweater £75 | Falling Into Place Candle $24 | Emma McDowell Concrete Vase from £25

Three of our favourite things come up next; pom-poms, candles, and vases (for all those flowers our doting fans shower us with, obvs). Admittedly, this gorgeous pom-pom jumper is actually for the bigger kids in your life. What’s up, under 10s? We’re endlessly envious of your lush knitwear options. Could someone please do this in lady sizes?! You’ve got to really like the kid to splash £75 on them, but hey, sometimes they are actually pretty lovely and funny to us, so deserve to look like the coolest kid in the playground wearing this bad boy.

Candles and vases, well they’re kind of just a home staple, aren’t they? Falling Into Place have been killing it as of late with earthy, lingering scents that don’t make you want to gag the second you walk into the room. And Emma’s fun vases are hand-poured, one of a kind pops of sunshine colours that cheer up any room with or without (boo) flowers. You can’t go wrong with either of these purchases, unless the person you’re shopping for is a picky, ungrateful witch. If that’s the case, snatch it back immediately and keep these for yourself.


L–R: Julia Staite Pony Club £18 | Wee Gallery Bear Plate Set £16 | Holztiger Wooden Animals from £6.50

Little ones, those adorable tiny humans in our lives that insist everything (your face, the stinking bin full of crappy nappies you tried to keep out of reach in the kitchen) is a toy. Well, here are some lovely gifts they probably won’t care about (who knew wrapping paper had such allure?!) but will make you feel good for picking the least plastic, least repetitively noisy toy under the Christmas tree.

Every kid I know, at some point, demanded a pony for Christmas. So here you go, a cute and cuddly one you won’t actually have to ‘pony up’ that much cash for (Mum joke) from the wonderful Julia Staite. Win! Wee Gallery has always been a firm favourite with us, simple, monochrome designs for the cool, minimalist, East London-dwelling parents in your lives. These babies aren’t plastic though, so maybe lean towards a more civilised (older) child to gift these to. Not going to cut it? Kid wants to shove everything into their mouths? We got you covered with the vast array of wonderful wooden animals by Holztiger. They’re chewable, durable and damn cute.


L–R: Glossier Cloud Paint Quad £45 | Shoreditch Nails Gift Voucher from £10 | Birchbox Subscription from £30 for 3 months

Last but not least, the beauty section. We tried to mix it up a bit here because it can be tricky to pick one particular beauty treat for friends. Everyone seems to have their own idea of what’s easy to use or maybe they are a bit unsure about straying from the everyday and trying new brands. These gifts are small and practical. Enough to test out and great stocking fillers.

We can’t escape the Glossier bug (sorry), we’ll stop going on about them one day. But this foursome of ‘Cloud Paint’—a sheer, buildable, creamy colour—is perfect to split up and gift to gal pals (or guy pals) of all skin tones. This next one doesn’t specifically have to be from Shoreditch nails. We realise not everyone lives in London, honest! So just pick your fave beauty bar, we promise you can’t go wrong with the gift of a mani/pedi. It’s the gift of ‘me time’, which let’s be honest, is becoming a rare thing in our endlessly hectic lives.

At last, our final pick. We’ve clearly rambled on for too long here, but bare with us a little longer! Birchbox are a new try of ours. Monthly boxes delivered straight through our front doors, full of little items of loveliness. From lipsticks to dry shampoo and from make up tools to hair masks. Each box is themed and curated by a new designer or brand (recently Vogue and Matthew Williamson) giving you trial sizes of beauty products you wish you could try but are maybe not committed enough to shell out the cash for the full-sized item. It could quite possibly be genius. It means no matter what you’re into, au naturel or a full face of Insta make-up, you’re going to find some gems you’ll love forever.



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