The Good Dye Young.

Here at Mamma Collective HQ, 2/5 of us have constantly changing hair colour. Like one of those mood rings you bought on your school trip in the gift shop of some weird old museum. We’re a little obsessive when it comes to the products we use, it’s taken us ages to perfect the art of DIY home colouring – our poor bathrooms bare the battle scars –  and discover the brands that we now love. So really, it’s only fair we share our finds with you, fellow rainbow hair seekers.

But, here’s the boring bit… Before we get elbow deep in rainbows of colour recommendations.. If you’re not already a light blonde or white blonde, or if you’re thinking of taking the train to bleach town, please hop out of this post and give this post by the hair magician Sophia Hilton, boss lady of Not Another Salon. It’s important.

Bleaching your hair doesn’t mean instant fun times, it takes patience and upkeep, it’s costly and needs dedicated maintenance. If you don’t mind all of the above, or have already taken the plunge, read on, future My Little Pony’s.

Maria Nila

Let’s start with what is possibly our favourite hair brand at the moment, Maria Nila.
We discovered her through a friend and thank god we did. This Swedish based brand is all about being ‘nice to hair, animals and nature’. 100% cruelty free & vegan, not only is this brand certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny and The Vegan Society, it will treat your hair with the a huge amount of kindness. The kindness it needs after you’ve doused it in chemicals.

The Colour Refresh collection spans from pinks, blues and purples to coppers, black and browns, meaning you don’t actually have to be bleach blonde to get in on the fun.

For the price, you get a hefty tub of dye and there is no scrimping on the quality of pigment used either. You won’t get wishy washy colour from these guys, in fact if you’re looking for more pastel tones, add conditioner to mix your perfect shade. You may need to sneak a little of the colour into your regular shampoo/conditioner to keep it from fading quickly, but it’s worth the effort.
We promise your hair will feel soft and shiny afterwards, smell amazing and you’ll also be left with the warm fussy feeling of knowing you’ve helped some sweet, little animals too.

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox Hair Color  is another animal friendly company winning over our colour craving hearts. A recent find, we figured we’d give it a whirl after finding ‘Girls Night’ on Amazon. (We used ‘lilac hair dye’ in the search and bam!) From the second we opened the bottle, the sweet scent of this stuff had us swooning and after actually using it, we were converts. They have a huge range of colours, and again, while it’s not the cheapest on the market, a little goes a long way. The colour hangs around through weeks of washes, which is great if you’re a full time colour head but be careful if you’re looking for something a little more temporary.

Crazy Color

Crazy Color has been well loved by hair salons long before the big hitters of beauty hopped onboard the fun colours train, so deserves a place here. While it’s not the most generous when it comes to bottle size, they have the choice of pretty much every rainbow shade along with pastel versions of each. It’s great for people who are venturing into home dye for the first time and want a straight from bottle to hair application. No faffing around trying to get that perfect pastel, just whack it on and wait.


The goodDYEyoung is the offering of Paramore’s (you’ll remember these guys from your early 20’s) singer, Hayley Williams. Once known and widely copied by fans for her bright orange and yellow hair, she’s taken what she’s learnt from those years of colour upkeep and turned it into a brand. While we can’t comment on how well the dye works from personal experience, it seems to be widely met with praise so we figured it was worth throwing into the mix for our International readers (hiya, USA!). GoodDYEyoung offers a solid selection of 8 colours easy to mix and match to create your own style, plus their own Merch should you be that was inclined.


To wrap this baby up, here’s our top tips on getting & keeping your colour on top form:

1) Mix with conditioner – this packs the punch of a treat for your hair with being able to control the shade (less conditioner for brighter, more for pastel). Plus, it helps the colour go a long way coverage wise.

2) Do it on dry hair. Sure, the packages usually say wet, but trust us…this will work! Wet hair sticks together, you end up pulling already delicate hair. Dry hair is easier to section off.

3) Put a plastic bag on your head after application and let that baby cook. Warming dye just seems to have a better effect on making the colour stick. We have no idea why, it’s just a trick we picked up & apparently magical science has something to do with it!

4) Mix some of your chosen colour in with your normal shampoo & conditioner. Keeps you topped up and fresh with every wash!

Got any tips, tricks or recommendations for us? Leave us a comment below!





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