Get the Glossier.


Before you, our eyebrows were more akin to disgruntled caterpillars than sisters. Now they’re living their best life, feeling ready to raise themselves triumphantly in an ‘oh no, she didn’t..’ Or ‘oh my god, a puppy?!’ – okay, so this last one is a reach, but we can dream, right? We love you, Boy Brow.


Before you, we didn’t understand the desire to be made hungry by the smell of lip balm. Lip balm that would not only soothe Winter chapped lips, but burns from hair appliances (damn you to hell, straighteners) cuts and baby booboos. We love you, Balm Dotcom.

Before you, we were shiny-faced two minutes after leaving the house. Our pores looked huge, like literally huge, like those pot holes they keep saying they’ll fix on the road. That darn t-zone, which could not be tamed has now met its match and see ya later, pores! We’re breaking up! We love you, Wowder.

Dear Glossier, please don’t leave us.

Sure, you’re online. Waiting to be on call 24/7. But London needs you, London wants you like we want the tourists to stand on the right side of the escalators on the tube. (For real, you guys…Stand on the right, walk on the left).

Seriously, please don’t leave. Stay right where you are.

If you want to get your girl (or boy, go for it babe) crush on with a cult brand who’s making the world fall head over heels, rush down to Glossier’s pop-up in London. Stop reading…run!

Glossier pop-up can be found at:

32 Portland Place
London W1

Until November 22nd.

Nearest tube: Oxford Circus



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